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Top 5 Youtubers in Kerala –  Jio has started the journey of the digitalization of India. After that, millions of people are started using social media platforms and video platforms like youtube. At the same time, new creators have started their careers as a vlogger. Now the Youtube is one of the largest places for people who want to make more money and popularity.

Top 5 Youtubers in Kerala

Here we listed the most popular individual YouTubers who earned millions of subscribers and popularity.

M4TECH – Tech & DIY Youtube Channel

The channel is owned by Jio Joseph and Praveen. They are making creative technical videos and some kind of Large Scale cooking videos. Presentation skill of Mr. Jio Jospeh os the major attraction of the channel. After all the content is king in their channel. Not only the mallus but There are also many subscribers from Other countries. In 2021 Decemeber they have 7.21 Million Subscribers, At this time M4TECH is the No.1 Youtube Channel owned by individuals.

Village Food Channel – Cooking Channel By Firoz Chuttipara

Village food channel is started as the name of craft media. At the beginning stage, they posted some DIY Videos in Malayalam. Then they tried some cooking videos on a larger scale. After a video got viral, They changed the name to Village Food Channel. Firoz Chuttipara is from Palakkad District, Kerala. He was an NRI. Now the Village Food Channel is in second place on the Top 5 Youtube Channels List with the achievement of 5.73 Million Subscribers in 2021 December.

Shamees Kitchen – Home-Based Cooking Channel

Shamees kitchen is also a famous cooking channel from Kerala. They started the channel as a cooking tutorial video channel. Then it becomes more popular in the segment of cooking. Most of the subscribers of her channel are Women. Now Shamees Kitchen got third place with 3.57M subscribers

Arjyou – The Roasting Channel

Arjyou is one of the most popular youtube channels owned by Arjun Sundhareshan. He got Millions of subscribers in a week. He is just like an Overnight star. He made many satire videos like the carryminati youtube channel. Within a few months, he becomes popular. Now his channel has 3.47M subscribers, He is in the 4th position on this list.

Unboxingdude – Lifestyle vlog

Unboxing dude is a popular channel in Kerala. They started it as a tech channel then they got changed the complete channel category into a family lifestyle vlog. Brother and Sister are creating the best content for the channels. Salih and Saliha. Dude and Dudy. They are located in Ernakulam Kerala. Now they have 3.38M subscribers and they are in the 5 th Position in the Top 5 Youtubers list.

Top 5 Youtube Channels in Kerala

Top 5 Youtube Channels in Kerala

1st M4TECH

Village Food Channel


Shamees Kitchen






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